Excellent Customer Service Is Our Goal

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of the feedback we’ve received:

Lynne & Steve, Conestoga

“We called Earthbound Artisan with a vague idea of what we wanted. They immediately understood what we were looking for and came up with a finished product that was far better than anything we had envisioned. The whole crew was polite and fun to have around. Could not have been happier with the experience!”

Bob, Birdsboro

Bob, Birdsboro
“In a series of projects over the past 3 years, the Earthbound guys have completely and beautifully renovated my landscape plantings, stone-work staircase, wall, and tree line—all with utmost (organic) care for the health of the environment and inhabitants.”

Ed, Lancaster

“Art, craftsmanship, and execution: Earthbound Artisan took the challenge of using the old, blending in the new and delivering a patio expansion that captured our hopes while exceeding our expectations. We showed them pictures of a medieval town in France and they created a design while working with our budget!”

William & Kevin, Lancaster

“We recently moved to a new home and our yard was in need of a serious overhaul. We contacted Earthbound and asked for a low-maintenance, sustainable cottage garden with an Andy Goldsworthy-inspired dry stacked stone sculpture. The results surpassed our expectations. We have since recommended Earthbound Artisan to friends looking for landscape work done by competent, time-efficient and affable professionals.”

Charlie & Teresa, Mountville

“During a recent trip to the Montreal Botanical Garden, we were inspired to install a Japanese Zen Garden. Earthbound Artisan’s environmental focus was a perfect fit for our project. Although our yard presented multiple challenges, they took the seeds of our ideas and delivered a budget-friendly design that far exceeded our original vision and expectations. Smart, fun, diligent, and creative: they are, without question, exceptional artists and landscapers.”

Gene & Tanis, Lancaster

“When we were ready to landscape our back yard in the city, we called Earthbound Artisan on the recommendation of a neighbor who was familiar with their work. They were prompt in getting back to us. When we met, they listened closely to our ideas and came up with a plan that captured our vision. It was apparent to us that they were very knowledgeable, especially about native plants, and had a real passion for the work. The crew that transformed the yard worked in a very respectful, professional manner despite working through one of the hottest stretches of the summer. We were totally satisfied with, and highly recommend, this company.”

Jack & Trish, Centerville

“My wife and I hired Earthbound Artisan after meeting with several companies in the area to design a backyard patio and fire pit. Earthbound Artisan’s excitement and creative vision made our choice an easy one. We are beyond pleased with the results: a functional and comfortable patio doubling as a natural piece of artwork due to their skilled stonework and vision. The native plantings chosen have allowed us backyard privacy as well as native wildlife value. We would not hesitate to recommend Earthbound Artisan to anyone in the area. The whole crew were a pleasure to work with.”

Anette, Brownstown

“Artistry, expertise, and attention to detail are the first words that come to mind. Earthbound Artisan created a design that resulted in a spectacular outdoor living space, which far exceeded our expectations and has become an extension of our home. They were very thoughtful, taking into consideration our style and requests. Their extensive knowledge of stonework, plants and especially native plants, as well as our wishes for color, texture, and natural setting created a living space that looks like it has always been there. The whole crew are true artisans as their work was creative, yet meticulous. They took their time, making sure every stone was laid exactly right to achieve the final look they wanted. The plants were also placed with purpose. They were very professional and respectful of our property and were wonderful to have working at our home. Even with rainy days, the project was completed within the expected timeline and came slightly under budget. They communicated throughout the process concerning ideas and cost. I highly recommend them, as it is a privilege to have the result of their artistry!”

Corinne, Lancaster

“These guys have individually and collectively brought so much to our property and family as Earthbound Artisan. Truth be told, our new house and property have become our home because of so much of the work they’ve done. They are kind, friendly, and decent people who are easy to have around. It’s always a pleasure to have them here.
I had a vision for what I wanted for our one acre-ish property in Lancaster Township—an outdoor space where my children could roam and find spaces that were beautiful and interesting for them, while also adding to the physical boundary of our property and its aesthetics. The guys not only ‘got it,’ but have added more than I could imagine to the process of creating that vision, which I continue to refine. Their work has included both creating edible and visually interesting spaces in many areas of our yard and also helping us with water flow issues after we had a pool put in, the latter of which was a multi-layered process. Their problem-solving and knowledge of how to tackle the water flow issue was impressive and such a relief as was their commitment to getting it right.
This Christmas season, I strung lights on the fir tree they planted, greens on the split-rail fence, and decorations throughout my new entranceway. My children will snack on wild strawberries and blueberries this summer as we walk around the property. We will relax on hot summer days in our oasis-like pool area.
I love our ‘uniquely-ours’ exterior spaces and feel so at home in them. I can’t thank them enough for all the work they’ve done to help us make our visions realities and our property feel like home.”